Art 4 Energy

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Art 4 Energy provides you with more energy to enjoy life

Art Coaching and Art Therapy is a different, more non-verbal approach to guiding people. 
There will be conversation but, when needed, you will also be offered therapeutic experiences through making something using art materials. You don't have to be an artist at all, for you will not make art that has to be of museum quality. 
The Art in the word Art Therapy stands for an image that is pure self expressive and therefore everything you make is perfect!

Still, I only let you work with those materials (clay, pencils, brushes, paint, soft stone and wood and such) when this is natural and wanted in the process and when you are ready. 

The relationship you have with yourself and others are key at Art 4 Energy

Self: Confidence, selfknowledge & insight, personal development, trust, knowing/feeling/accepting your body, relaxing, coping with grief & loss (of people, health, home or work), trauma or other personal problems and insecurities.

Others: Relationships and communication with parents, children, friends and lovers, intimate relations, communication in sexuality; clearly expressing your needs & boundaries.